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Posted on 19 March 2024

How to Order Book Typesetting Service: Things You Need to Think About Before Contacting a Typesetting Studio


Once your manuscript is complete, the next step is to begin searching for typesetting services. Below, we've compiled some helpful tips to guide you through this process, ensuring effective communication with the typesetting studio.

1. Format of Your Book

When choosing the format for your book, consider the following:

a) What type of book is it? Is it a coffee-table book with beautiful pictures, a novel meant to be read everywhere, or a scientific monograph with hundreds of pages? Visit a bookstore and examine the formats of different books. Consider what you like and which format might be suitable for your book.

b) How much do you want to spend on printing your book? Unusual formats can cost a lot of money, so you can either ask your typesetter for help or contact a printing house directly before choosing your format. They will provide you with a quote and assist in customizing your order.

2. Draft for Price Estimation

It's wise to have your draft prepared in a .doc file when requesting a quote from typesetting studios, as many of them base their pricing on your Word manuscript. It doesn't need to be the final manuscript you will send later on for typesetting, but a document that reflects the volume and structure of your final product.

3. Approximate Number of Pages

At the initial stage of production, it is nearly impossible to estimate the final number of pages in your book. However, your expectations based on your manuscript in Word are crucial to the typesetter when they start working on the layout of your book. Sometimes you may want to increase the number of pages with a spacious layout, while other times you may want to be more efficient with the use of space on the spread. The typesetter can also provide you with feedback on whether your estimation is achievable. Sharing such information may prevent additional rounds of corrections.

4. Do You Want Your Book to be in Full Color or Black and White?

This is important information when working with layout and sample pages. Printing in full color is more expensive than printing only in black, so it's something you may also want to discuss with the printing house at the early stage of the project. The choice of paper is also very important when considering printing in full color. On different types of paper (coated or uncoated), you can get different results in the colors of your pictures.

5. Do You Want to Publish Your Book Only in Physical Form?

There are many possibilities for publishing your book nowadays. Sometimes you may want to publish it as an interactive PDF to gauge its potential sales before investing in a printed version. Or perhaps you want a full package with a printed book, interactive PDF, and e-book. Providing this information or sharing your thoughts during the typesetting stage will be valuable for the designer in preparing their files.

6. Think About Any Additional Information You Can Share with the Typesetter

For instance, if you want to publish a book for your organization and you already have established visual identification, share your brand book with the typesetter! Consider any book layouts or fonts you liked, and don't hesitate to share all your inspirations with the typesetter. It's their job to combine your personal preferences with typographic rules to create a beautiful book!

In conclusion, ordering book typesetting services requires thoughtful consideration of various factors to ensure the final product meets your expectations. By carefully assessing the format, estimated number of pages, color preferences, publication goals, and additional information to share with the typesetter, you can streamline the process and achieve the desired outcome for your book project. Remember, effective communication with the typesetter is key to transforming your vision into a beautifully designed book that captivates readers. So, before reaching out to a typesetting studio, take the time to ponder these essential elements and embark on your publishing journey with confidence. Happy writing!